Eduardo Barrios
10 months ago

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Eduardo Barrios
October 2018 (Chelsea)

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Artist Statement
I am a self-taught artist that enjoys figurative, representational and semi-surrealist painting. I like painting the ocean, birds, animals, people and landscapes. I paint what I feel at the time, working from a minimalist colour palette, which will be dictated by the scene in mind. When painting landscapes or seascapes, if I don’t have a clear idea of what I am after; I begin by contemplating the possibilities of a blank canvas by giving the canvas a light wash with yellow ochre or cyan. Then, I remove some of the paint to achieve an idea of an image. Sometimes, I would begin a composition from sketches and photo references that I may have taken, but I work mostly from memories of places that I have been to, seen or from visions of dreams. I tend to paint mostly with the painting knife as my main tool as oppose to brushes, I like the texture of oil paints, and the flexibility of acrylics and mixed media. I enjoy painting ‘alla prima’, however, I feel comfortable painting on long projects too. I find it more energetic and challenging. My project for next year is Dreams. I want to move more towards surrealism to express the subconscious.

Forthcoming Exhibitions
• 2019 Solo Exhibition Dreams, TBC, London, UK
• July 21, 2018,Parallax Art Fair, Seascapes , London, UK
• July 14, 2018 The 8x8 Self-Portrait Exhibition, 33 Contemporary Gallery, Chicago, USA
• 2009 Fantasy, Mural, UKBA Minors Screening Unit, Croydon, UK
• 2004 The Fisherman, Oil on canvas, Croydon , UK
• 2012 “Huasco” The Exhibition Hall University of Bio-Bio, Chillan, Chile
• 2011 “Dover” The Chilean Consulate, London , UK
• Work held in private collections in UK, Spain and Chile